UNOS undergoes annual financial audits conducted by independent certified public accountants whose examination complies with accepted auditing standards. In addition, UNOS has developed comprehensive requirements for completion of audited financial statements to ensure consistency and transparency system-wide.

To learn more, view our 501(c)(3) IRS Determination Letter or this financial documentation:

Audit Reports
PDF Format 2014 Audit Report
PDF Format 2013 Audit Report
PDF Format 2012 Audit Report
PDF Format 2011 Audit Report
PDF Format 2010 Audit Report
PDF Format 2009 Audit Report
PDF Format 2008 Audit Report

Tax Information
PDF Format 2012 990
PDF Format 2012 990-T
PDF Format 2011 990
PDF Format 2011 990-T
PDF Format 2010 990
PDF Format 2010 990-T
PDF Format 2009 990
PDF Format 2009 990-T
PDF Format 2008 990
PDF Format 2008 990-T


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