October 2, 2007

UNOS Renames Transplant Library In Honor Of Colleague

United Network for Organ Sharing is proud to announce the renaming of our transplant library in honor of our colleague H. Myron Kauffman, Jr., M.D., FACS, who died in June.

On Monday, November 5, 2007 at 10:00 a.m., a celebration of Dr. Kauffman's life will take place at UNOS headquarters. It will conclude with the dedication of the newly renamed Hume-Kauffman Transplantation Library and Archives.

In addition to his tireless work as OPTN Medical Director and UNOS Senior Scientist, Dr. Kauffman played a key role in the creation of a transplantation archive at UNOS, formerly called the David M. Hume, M.D. Transplantation Library and Archives. He secured donations of books and letters from colleagues around the world. He donated many of his own "artifacts" to the collection as well, including 1950s research notes and papers of transplant pioneer Dr. David M. Hume; early surgical and medical textbooks and artwork; and a 1950-vintage kidney dialysis machine (one of the world's first).

The collection's title aligns the names of two internationally acclaimed transplant visionaries. Dr. Kauffman was Dr. Hume's first Transplantation Research Fellow at MCV in the 1960s, and they remained close friends and colleagues until Hume's death in 1973. After that time and for the rest of his own life, Dr. Kauffman stayed the course, moving transplantation ever forward to its current success.