October 23, 2012

Webinars address patient safety, the kidney allocation policy proposal out for public comment, and CMS regulations and OPTN requirements

Patient Safety Webinar series begins October 24, 2012

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Topics for the four webinars were identified through various member surveys and include:

  • What You Need to Know: Organ Procurement and Transplant Patient Safety
  • Donor and Recipient Blood Type Compatibility: Requirements and Documentation
  • Reporting Safety Situations: What Have We Learned?
  • Disease Transmission Reporting

Crosswalk Webinar about CMS Regulations and OPTN Requirements on November 1, 2012

Transplant programs are surveyed by the both the OPTN and CMS for compliance with OPTN Policies and Bylaws and federal regulations. Many transplant professionals have shared with us that they are confused about the differing (sometimes overlapping) processes and requirements. In response, UNOS, HRSA and CMS representatives have been working closely together to review, clarify and coordinate their efforts.

Explanation of current OPTN Kidney Allocation Policy Proposal on November 7, 2012

During the webinar we will review the proposal, explain how it will impact candidates, and discuss potential changes to current policy. The chair of the OPTN/UNOS Kidney Transplantation Committee will address proposed changes to the OPTN kidney allocation policy that are currently out for public comment. The proposed policy would maintain access to kidney transplantation for all candidates while seeking to improve outcomes for kidney transplant recipients, increase the years recipients may have a functioning transplant and increase utilization of available kidneys.

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