Social Media

Many people today are connecting to their family, friends and colleagues using social media. It's a great way to provide information, share links to informative articles or Web sites, and most importantly, raise awareness about organ donation and transplantation.

UNOS maintains many social media channels to share information with our communities:

Sample Posts

To begin the discussion about organ donation and transplantation on social media, and interact and connect with others in the transplant community, please use or customize any of these sample posts below:

  • Every organ transplant begins with the selfless gift of donation #donatelife
  • Fact: Approximately 77 organ transplants take place every day in the U.S. #donatelife
  • Input from transplant patients is an important part of the transplant policy development process. Voice your opinion by providing public comment on policy proposals. Learn more at #UNOSbeginswithyou #publiccomment
  • Did you know? Just about anyone can be an organ and tissue donor, regardless of age or health conditions. #donatelife
  • Did you know? There's no cost to the donor or the donor's family for organ and tissue donation.
  • Register to be a donor and provide hope to more than 120,000 people waiting for a transplant. #donatelife
  • Do you have questions about #livingdonation? Learn more at!
  • An (organ/tissue) donor saved my life. Are you a registered donor? #donatelife
  • On (date) I received the gift of a (organ/tissue) transplant that (changed/saved) my life. I'm so grateful to my donor and my donor's family. Register to be an organ and tissue donor at #donatelife #storiesofhope
  • Thank your donor by making a contribution in his or her honor. UNOS will send a letter acknowledging your gift.
  • On (date) my (mom, daughter, son, brother, spouse, etc.) saved lives through (organ/tissue) donation. Although I miss (him/her) terribly I'm so proud of their gifts of life. Register to be a donor today at #donatelife
  • April is National Donate Life Month. Have you registered to be an organ and tissue donor? #NDLM #donatelife
  • Did you know that UNOS is a non-profit organization? Find out how you can support our life-saving mission. #supportunos

Did you know?

Hashtags allow Facebook and Twitter users to tag their posts to make them easy to search and provide context by designating them as part of a particular conversation.

By including your hashtag in a post, you are automatically joining the conversation surrounding that tag. UNOS often uses these hashtags in support of organ donation and transplantation:

  • #donatelife
  • #organdonation
  • #workingtogethersavinglives
  • #transplantliving
  • #livingdonation
  • #KPD
  • #supportunos
  • #storiesofhope
  • #UNOSbeginswithyou
  • #unitedforunos
  • #storiesofhope
  • #facesoftransplantation
  • #publiccomment
  • #NDLM