Transplant hospitals, organ procurement organizations and histocompatibility laboratories in the United States all belong to UNOS. Voluntary health organizations, such as the American Diabetes Association; general public members, such as ethicists, transplant recipients and donor family members; and medical professional and scientific organizations, such as the American Medical Association also belong. Learn how to apply now >

UNOS has five classes of membership:

  • Institutional Members
  • Medical/Scientific Members
  • Public Organization Members
  • Business Members
  • Individual Members

The detailed descriptions for the classes of membership are described in the UNOS By-Laws, Article I.

Membership means that upon completion of the prescribed application process and satisfaction of applicable requirements, the organization has demonstrated compliance with all applicable UNOS membership criteria.

Individuals from member organizations participate in the decision-making process through representation on committees and on the Board of Directors.

Member directory

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Benefits of UNOS Membership

  • A national voice for transplantation
  • Professional enrichment & advancement tools
  • Patient resources
  • Research
  • Technology
  • Community presence
  • Operational assistance