Every organ transplant involves the efforts of multiple professionals employed by different organizations. All of them are expected to follow policies and standards to ensure consistency and quality in transplantation.

UNOS has two fundamental roles in national transplant policymaking:

  1. Through our voluntary board of directors and committees, UNOS sets, reviews and improves transplant policy so that it best balances equity with utility.
  2. UNOS monitors member compliance with policy and issues that might affect the safety of patients or living donors, helping members to improve performance. Reference the Evaluation Plan to learn how your organization can remain in compliance with all policies.


UNOS handles the development, monitoring, enforcement and modification of the policies that govern the allocation, procurement and transportation of deceased organs.View these policies now >

Did you know?

UNOS' policy management staff members have many years of experience in public and health policy management and analysis, with particular expertise in organ transplantation.

How committees improve policy

Committees play a vital role in establishing and improving the policies governing the operation of the OPTN, including the procurement and allocation of organs, as well as the rights and obligations of all members.

Each committee has a specific charge that describes the scope of the committee's work. Learn more >

Serve on a committee

For questions about serving on a committee, call 804-782-4633.