The Center for Transplant System Excellence is a UNOS initiative to conduct collaborative research and education to advance the field of organ transplantation.

The center provides the leadership and resources needed to coordinate on-going multi-disciplinary collaboration in evidence-based research and clinical practice improvements. Goals of the center include:

  • Eliminate the pediatric waiting list
  • Increase kidney transplants through a national kidney paired donation (KPD) system
  • Broaden clinical education to ensure that new research findings are applied to daily practice
  • Accelerate research in areas that promise dramatic advances in organ transplantation

The center also provides programs and services for the transplant/procurement community in the U.S. and internationally; particularly technology services and consulting to help other countries bring the benefit of life-saving transplants to their populations.

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UNOS offers an onsite conference for transplant professionals about the UNOS structure and OPTN contract requirements. Learn more >