UNOS employs Ph.D.-level statisticians to provide our members, committees and board with analyses of clinical transplant data that support policymakers and clinicians in evidence-based research and decision-making. Every month, research staff respond to more than 250 requests for transplantation data and analysis, which range in complexity from the number of transplants by state to complex risk-adjusted survival analyses. To make a request, complete the online request form now >

UNOS Business Services (UBS) is a clinical and technology services organization that helps healthcare organizations reduce the administrative burden and costs associated with data acquisition, analysis and reporting for their clinical, research and business needs. UBS' services and technologies have been utilized to support research sponsored by U.S. and international pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as organ procurement organizations, professional associations, academic institutions and government agencies. UBS' specialties include:

  • early stage registries and clinical databases
  • post approval and surveillance studies
  • health outcomes research
  • adverse event reporting systems
  • risk management systems
  • collaborative portals
  • clinical Web sites

Have special data needs?

Request specific, custom data reports or call the UNOS Research Department directly at 804-782-4876.