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Research and data analytics

Healthcare workers are collecting and reporting more data than ever before. You need accurate data for regulatory requirements and oversight, quality improvement initiatives, operational dashboards to strengthen your decision-making, and for scientific inquiry and reporting. Taking this vast amount of data and translating it into easily understood information is where UNOS staff excel.

Our research experts have unparalleled experience in the nuances of organizing, processing and analyzing transplant data. We have a team of doctoral and master’s prepared biostatisticians, epidemiologists and mathematicians who work with transplant data every day and are available to work with you.

Customized reports and data sets

We can streamline your Standard Transplant Analysis and Research (STAR) file data to include only what you need for a specific analysis or project and even link your hospital’s data to OPTN data. We can customize benchmark reports that compare your organization to others.

Visual analytics

We can use your data or OPTN data to build a personalized dashboard to monitor compliance or program performance that contains visual metrics to streamline your data consumption.

Statistical analysis and consulting

UNOS’ doctoral and master’s prepared statisticians and data analysts can help you analyze national or center-specific data in order to answer specific research questions. We can also act as statistical consultants, helping you draft abstracts, manuscripts and presentations.

Study design and management

UNOS staff can offer insight into designing, managing and maintaining scientific research studies at any stage. Design may include investigating sample size requirements, establishing follow-up protocols and helping identify which data elements are needed to answer a research hypothesis.

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