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Technology services

Advancements in information technology have changed the landscape of healthcare over the past decade. Clinicians and administrators must continually adapt how they communicate with each other and their patients, input and access data, and get real-time feedback on their decisions. UNOS’ IT strategy continues to evolve to keep up with these every-changing demands and needs of the transplant community.

Registries and clinical databases

UNOS recognizes your need to be nimble in developing registries and databases that give your leaders access to pertinent information that supports informed decision-making. In addition to our vast experience in developing and managing the UNetSM system, we also build and host smaller registries and databases for the transplant community. These include patient-level registries for large international societies, performance improvement and outcome registries for centers, and survey registries for submitting patient data.

We have extensive experience designing, managing and operating early-stage clinical registries, specializing in the immunosuppressive and mechanical circulatory assist device markets.

UNOS offers a solution that will help you complete studies like these more quickly and cost effectively, and move your study to the next phase. Our proprietary infrastructure gives you the benefits of electronic data collection (EDC) without the costs of an all-encompassing EDC system and is more efficient than a paper-based data capture solution.

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