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Promoting organ transplantation and donation takes a community, a community with passionate individuals who want to spread awareness of how organ transplantation saves lives.

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Every UNOS Ambassador receives a kit. The kit includes items–both print and video–that you can use to educate your community about organ transplantation and donation. The kit includes:

  • An overview of the UNOS Ambassador Program
  • Resources about UNOS’ role in matching organs nationwide, transplantation history, waiting list data and more
  • A 12-minute DVD that conversationally explains what UNOS does, how organs are matched and how lives are changed by organ transplantation
  • Promotional items, including a poster, UNOS lapel pin, luggage tag and writing pens
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UNOS begins with you.
Become a UNOS Ambassador

What does a UNOS Ambassador do?

There are endless ways you can generate awareness about UNOS, organ donation and transplantation:

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Email with your questions or additional ideas you’d like to discuss. Or call (804) 782-4800 and ask to speak with someone in the PR & Marketing department.

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